In My Own Words is a blog dedicated to sharing the stories, reflections, and experiences of people with Down syndrome, as expressed in interviews.

The future looks brighter than ever for people with intellectual challenges in the United States. Yet around the world, in schools, churches, hospitals, workplaces, and society at large, people with Down syndrome are seldom recognized for who they truly are--unique, inherently valuable individuals, made in the image of God, with much to contribute and with their own singular stories to tell. 

In My Own Words is a place for everyone to come and listen, and it's a place for each and every person with Down syndrome to be interviewed and be heard. 

Samuel Anderson is the blog's co-founder, interview king, and inspiration. He has dubbed himself "the history man," and says the historic figure he currently admires most is Corrie ten Boom, "because she trusted in God." An inclusion advocate, Sam was the first person with Down syndrome to attend his elementary and junior high schools.

Katherine Halberstadt Anderson is a journalist who also happens to be Sam's mom and blogging partner. She's been privileged to hear Sam's perspectives on history, theology, and life for the last 17 years.