Ariana Siannas spent Memorial Day Weekend camping and “Jeeping” with her family. “We got really wet with muddy water. It was like a volcano exploded. I like going Jeeping,” she says, although she adds quickly that home is her very favorite place to be. “I miss home when we go camping."

This seventh grader has a best friend who also happens to have Down syndrome. “We go swimming or horseback riding or play Barbies,” says Ariana, who adds with pride, “I taught Sara to play pool.”

Both girls have been part of the Miss Amazing pageant for several years, where Ariana got to showcase the ribbon routine she learned in Special Olympics gymnastics. “It was so funny. They played the wrong music, so we had to start again with new music.”

Happiest moments? “Gymnastics competitions. When we went to state and stayed in the hotel.”

What’s most important in life? “Our entire family. Going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, and to see Ya-Ya and Papou.”

Future plans? "I’m going to be a doctor or a nurse. I’m going to go to college. I’m going to get married and have a dog."