Family friends for over 10 years, Sara Davis and Connor Nolan started dating about a year and a half ago. When asked what they like to do together, the list was long and varied: “Miniature golfing, bowling, family videos, eating dinner, Wii, playing cards, Jenga, Lincoln logs, puzzles, playing basketball, singing Karaoke, swimming . . . ”

“We are on the same swim team,” says Sara. “So we also have swim meets together,” adds Connor.

What do you most appreciate about one another? Connor: “Sara makes me laugh. She makes me cute. She likes doing stuff with me like listening to music, doing Kidz Bop, singing, and playing basketball.” Sara appreciates Connor because, “He is special, hilarious, and funny. He is so funny he makes me cry. And he is kind. When I get out of the water at swim practice, he puts my towel around me.”

What qualities are most important to look for in a girlfriend or boyfriend? Connor: “Look for someone you want to marry.” Sara: “Someone who likes to help people. Connor likes to help.”

Their families have established a few ground rules. Bedrooms are off-limits. “We are allowed one hello kiss, and one good-bye kiss,” says Sara. “And we listen to our moms,” adds Connor.  

When Sara won Junior Teen Queen in the 2016 Miss Amazing Pageant, Connor was part of her talent competition. “We sang ‘Love Is an Open Door’ from Frozen,” says Sara.