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“All the world’s a stage, and all men and women merely players . . .”

Nowhere do Shakespeare’s words ring more true than in England, and here too, we anticipate with excitement the roles people with Down syndrome will play even more fully in the future!

One of Sam’s passions is for travel, so here (for anyone who’s interested) are Sam’s top 10 things not to miss when visiting England:

1. The Tower of London with all the armor

2. The village of Hawkshead (where William Wordsworth attended grammar school from 1779-1787).

3. Hiking Tarn Hows (What in tarnation is a tarn? “A small steep-banked mountain lake or pool,” according to Merriam-Webster.)

4. Having “Hairball” (Herbal) Tea at Westminster Abbey

5. Attending the “heavenly and beautiful Choral Evensong” at York Minster

6. Walking the historic gates and walls at York, some dating back to Roman times

7. Watching actors reenact scenes from Shakespeare’s plays at his birthplace

8. Meeting the Romans in person at the hot springs at Bath and dressing up in Roman style

9. The beauty of St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle (site of the most recent royal wedding).

10. Hiking alongside sheep, donkeys, and cows in the Lake District thanks to public footpaths